Monday, September 28, 2009


I'm making a list. I only do this when it is getting too long for my small brain. This is one of those times and I thought I might as well share with my friends and family

costumes to make or at least find
Halloween Ward Party to plan and have
2 kids school Fall Parties (one I'm home room mom for)
actual Halloween
I'll be an aunt again!
Ammon turns 3
Orlando turns 6
(both want parties)
Josh and I celebrate 8 years of marriage
Great-great Grandma turns 100 ( quick trip to AR later this week)
I'm taking 6 hours of online credits with a deadline of December
I have 40 more "seat" hours of professional development to bust out also by December
Thanksgiving (gobble, gobble.)
oh ya, and Christmas (which Josh and I may celebrate a different day due to his ridiculous schedule and a trip to TX)
ward Christmas Party to plan and carry out by the 5th (any ideas?)
Josh's birthday (also the 5th)
volunteering in classes for my boys regularly
Going to Dallas for a wedding by Jan. 2nd. -get tuxes for Josh and Lando
(and what the heck will I wear?!)

And then the "regular stuff"
ya know
homework assignments
Karate classes
house to clean


Elisa said...

um, wow. and I thought I was busy. You go girl, GET ER DONE!!!

Karate classes? You or the boys? And you're going to wear that stunning lil black dress you own, right? :)j/k I'm sure you'll find something perfect. Do you think you're involved in enough party planning for the next few months? I don't know, maybe you should throw in a "Swamped Mom Celebration" party, just for kicks.

Giggles said...

That is quite the list. I make lists like that all the time or I'd go crazy. I have to break them down by day though so I don't try and do it all at once.

Mimi Nowland said...

Um...that sounds really busy. But, I know you and it will all get done in one way or another.

Mark and Lisa said...

Aaaah! You are amazing! Keep it up Lara, you'll make it through, take one day at a time. I love hearing your thoughts, it reminds me of all our chats. Miss ya. Good luck this month!