Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gym Top Ten

Top Ten Reasons to not quit the gym:
Pound #1
Pound #2
Pound #3
Pound #4
Pound #6
Pound #7
Pound #8
Pound #9
Pound #10

Top Ten Reasons To quit the gym
10. My kids always throw a fit and don't like it
9. I compare myself to others more
8. It is very commercial and gets old
7. I see videos and hear music I don't like
6. I worry less about what I eat in social settings and thus enjoy life more
5. less rush to get around, to get to school, to get anywhere
4. it saves money
3. more story time, longer bath time, homework time, down time
2. the boy's are actually watching less TV because we are doing things like board games and baking
1. Ammon has potty trained!

Yes, home is a beautiful place to spend some time. I spent a good part of last year going to the gym almost daily. It worked. Sort of. I eventually lost 10 pounds, but it took months and months, plus dieting. Now, I don't want to gain a bunch of weight and I don't want to be out of shape. But really it wasn't a balance. Spending over 2 hours (getting ready, going and coming, extra showers, etc). Plus even though there was childcare it was busy and hectic.

So, I have a cheapo (Craig's list 80 dollar) elliptical and I have my boys who are only going to be young a very short time and then next year it is full time school.
So, I have a few more pounds.
So, I think I'm getting a better perspective on what is important.
So, I might go back one day.
But for now...
I am content.


Elisa said...

good for you. It took me 5 1/2 months to finally lose 15 lbs... and I've been postponing getting jeans that fit because "why spend money on something now when I'm going to get skinnier?"... but really, come on, it will be full on winter by the time those last 15 lbs are gone. What am I going to do, wear capris in January? Time to embrace THE NOW!

Valerie said...

amen! I quit my gym for all those same reasons:)

Mimi Nowland said...

I love your perspective, enjoy those boys. Two hours a day is a lot of precious time.

Reed said...

any chance in convincing Valerie?
I've been trying to get her to see this for ages!
Please talk to her!