Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Young yes, Innocent NO!

So my wonderful two (almost three) year old Ammon had quite the sight for me this morning. Actually Orlando told me first. "Mom, Ammon has daddy's shaving supplies." Shaving supplies? Oh, the black box that holds his electric razor. Well, sure enough, Ammon had moved a stool, climbed a shelf, stretched his arm and reached the black "shaving supplies" which also include relatively sharp scissors. He then gave a nice cut to his relatively new Sesame Street sheet as well as his brothers Bob the Builder ensemble.

Yes, he may be young, but he is NOT INNOCENT!!

Update as of 12:25...I later found hair (Ivan's-yep he has a nice ugly spot smack in the middle of his head) and urine. Yip-also an accident last night. So, now it is time to clean: sheets, urine, and hair. Grant me patience!!


Charity Brown said...

wow! he's a good scissor user for being 2!!!! ;)

Giggles said...

Oh boy.

Mimi Nowland said...

Sorry! Do you want to send them to my house for awhile?