Friday, September 11, 2009


"He is gonna love this!"

"Is he here yet?"

"I think he's coming!"

DAD!! Jump and "SURPRISE!!!" A new KING sized bed.

It is a little early, but due to an amazing labor day sale I bought us a new bed for our 8th anniversary. It is awesome!! It is twice as tall as our previous bed and a king vs a queen. I had it delivered and set up with freshly laundered new sheets when Josh got in from work. He had no idea. The kids wanted to make a game, so we put a note on the front door for him to follow the arrows. The boys cut and taped the arrows around the house leading him to our room. Three very anxious boys jumped out with a "surprise" shout and it was a great moment. It is nice to have a husband who earns a paycheck, and it is nice to have saved up and to have replaced the old bed. The new bed has a fourteen year warranty. Can you imagine? Orlando could have a mission call by then.
Until then, what a fabulous time we are having in our little home!


Mimi Nowland said...

How wonderful a king bed! I am not so good at keeping secrets from my husband, so way to go!

Lisa said...

That is an great surprise! Do you love the king?