Monday, October 19, 2009

100 and counting!

These are pictures from the wonderful family reunion/birthday party for Grandma Ruby. Grandma Ruby turned 100 on October 3rd. Her husband, Rosco Ivan McElderry, is how we picked up Ivan for our boy. She is Josh's great grandmother and great great grandmother to our children. She is fantastic and up to 97 knew me and could remember which kids went with me. She's having a bit of a struggle at 100, but there were lots of people to get straight. Below we have one family picture of one of her 7 kids' families. (yes we are praying-that is when someone snapped the picture-probably we were finally still!) So, six other families worth of people exist as well. Then, Josh's grandpa, her son giving her a kiss. This should win a photo contest. The sweetness, oh the sweetness. If I'm 100, will one of my boys be there to kiss me? I hope so! I insisted on 100 candles at least on one of the cakes!! The mayor came and presented her with a key to the city, but more touching was photos from her early years -- life is so beautiful and should be treasured.
What a special, rare, cherished time.

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p.s. this is my 100th post, fitting isn't it?

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