Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Life Changer (6-13 of 10?)

Learning Love.

Marcelo, Adriano, Josh, Lara, Ivone

Allison Smith (companion who helped teach) Solagne, Lara
Lara, Meroly w/family
Glaci, Sidney, Barbara, Allison, and Lara
These are my last life changing missionary experiences that I will share. Like the others in my list, they are in no particular order. I learned lessons from each of these wonderful people that I taught. Some of them I was with through all the lessons, others just for part. I did attend all their baptisms, pray with them and for them, and learn to love. Yes, I learned to love others; and it was the sweetest of all the things learned!
7. Thaís
She joined the church at just 14. She was our neighbor. She is doing well. Has a two year old and is currently dating an active member. I didn't have her contact information on the trip, but am now on a social network (Orkut-another form of Facebook) and we can keep in touch.
8. Meroly
Meroly has graduated nursing school and is married to a member. They attend church off and on and attended the temple celebration. It took a small miracle to find them when I returned. I believe in miracles.
9. Solange, Jose, Antonino, and Thaís
This family was the most different upon returning Thaís was no longer 6, she was 14 and dancing in the Temple, Antonio was great with the soccer ball. Solange had not joined the church when I met this family. A beautiful thing happened the day her husband came home and found her meeting "secretly" with the sisters. Lives were changed. They were sealed in São Paulo, now they can go to the Curitiba Temple!
10.Ivone, Marcelo, Adriano
I got to teach this family for a short time. They are not active. I was happy to find members who are keeping tabs on them, and were glad to have an excuse to go by their home. We had a wonderful visit. Some day, they will be back.
11. Glaci, Sidney, and Bárbara
The wonderful experience of teaching this family is not comparable to much else. This is the family Josh and I stayed with when we went down. They are fantastic. They have their trials, but are doing well. They were sealed in São Paulo. Additional family members have now joined the church. They are happy, better educated, newer home, and doing great. Their testimonies are strong and attending the temple dedication with them will always stand out as a special highlight in my life.

Sadly, I don't have contact with 12. Kelly or 13. Jonathan. But they are not forgotten.

Te Amo, Brasil!
Tenho Saudades....

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