Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 2 Feb. 15

Day 2
Same as the first, a little bit louder and a little bit worse....

No, it hasn't been a bad day at all.  I actually am quite spoiled at the moment.  I have goodies to eat, books to read, and no where to go.  I have had visitors today, and others loving on my kids for me.

Vinny came by for a visit this morning and lit right up to see me.  He cried when he left, and I wish I could hold him and read to him.  I spoke with the other boys on the phone tonight-they are excited for a sleepover since Josh is on call all night.  The school nurse let me know Ivan fell and bumped his head-during Math.  Who needs Math?  He got a black eye last week while sledding at recess and a different bump 2 or 3 weeks ago.  The nurse and I are becoming friends.  I think he is just fine, but it is slightly swollen, we (I mean my friend who has him) will keep an eye on him.  Ivan also asked if he could stay the night with me.  It is good to feel love from my boys who usually just wrestle and complain about chores, and avoid my affection as if I could really spread cooties.  These sweet questions (and Vinny's tears) melt my heart.

Speaking of hearts, I thought I would explain my condition in a little more detail.  My placenta is in the shape of an upside down heart, more rounded than pointy.  The umbilical cord has three main vessels go from the belly button to the placenta and then branch out like spider webs or tree roots.  They go along the surface of the placenta and then dive deep down.  One of these vessels, travels along the top, comes off the placenta all together and hangs like a necklace between the divots (butt cheeks) of this heart shape, it then connects again to the top of the placenta and dives down.  So, baby is getting his needed nutrients through this vein and the other "roots" and is growing well.  The scary thing is that it is so fragile and if it were to have any strain put on it or changes it could rupture.  It carries babies blood, not mine.  Babies this small have about a 5 minute survival window and then sadly, they just don't make it due to blood loss.  Additionally, the placenta planted at the bottom of the uterus vs. the top or side, putting this vessel right above the cervix.  Bad geography!  If there are to be changes it will be an effacing or dilating cervix.  The uterus also will grow, and so is baby, and things can move, so for all these reasons I must sit just outside of an OR.  Just in case.  And I will deliver at 36 weeks because baby will be essentially term and should do okay, and the risk of an early labor too scary.

If Josh has free time, he will come by tonight and sleep on the pull-out in here.  I guess this is his new "on-call" room.  I hope to see him.

Thanks for every one's concern.  I've also been asked to make sure this website is being passed around, and so far we are getting plenty and it is so wonderful to know my family is being taken care of, so thanks to all of you:  It's called and username is McElderry  password is Lara


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