Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Troubles and Blessings

The weekend was a bit of a mess for awhile.  All I can say, is thank goodness for friends.  There are amazing people in this world.
Josh was on call Friday.  What this means is he goes to work at 6:30 AM and doesn't come home until after rounds on Saturday-usually around 1pm.  He often hasn't slept, or slept very little.  Work has been very kind this last week, but you can't mess with the surgery call schedule-it is a complicated matrix and short of me having the baby, there isn't a way out.
Orlando started throwing up early Friday morning and continued to do so until Sat. morning.  My friend Jill, had agreed to take Vinny on Friday and then all the boys Friday night.  She came over early Friday morning, heard Josh on the phone with me, knew Orlando was barfing-and took him along with Vinny!  She has two small girls, and obviously I didn't want them to get sick, but I really didn't know what we would do.  She simply stated, "oh, my girls could get sick from a grocery cart.  Send him with me."
The next obstacle came Saturday.  Josh's brother, John-David, is coming to stay with Josh and the boys for awhile to get us through this.  His flight went from 1:30 to after 10pm.  Of course, the airport is 45 minutes away, and the boys needed to be in bed-especially Vinny and Orlando-since he was sick.  Again, a friend saved the day.  She came over late, and stayed until the boys could get home-it was after midnight when they finally made it back.
A friend from college, who now lives in Utah with his family ordered us Chinese food on Saturday.  I couldn't believe they ordered food across the country for us.
Too often we hear of the evils of man, the crimes, and horrible things.
I was reminded in many ways of the goodness of other people.  Sure, I have been quite frustrated not being able to take care of my family, but I am also appreciating the wonderful people in my life.


Jacob sab said...

Hmm.... ?? I can finally leave a comment. I always want to leave a comment or something but don't know how. Maybe I just overlook it. I know I have left comments in the past.... Anyway, As usual, all I really have to say is "hang in there" . I see your spirits go up and down in your posts. I feel for you when they are down. I know it's gotta be really hard. I wish I could come out and keep you company and help with the boys.... take care. It will all be over soon, and soon forgotten.....It's funny how prolonged, hard experiences are quickly forgotten and looked at like "that wasn't that bad, why was I stressing so much. " When I'm stressing, I really try to tell myself that I'm wasting my time, energy, and focus on stressing. Things somehow seem to always workout. I figure they have to work out, otherwise I would be dead... If that makes any sense to you....

peace and love...


Alisa said...

What a positive way to look at things. So many wouldn't...maybe even couldn't.