Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day One: Valentine's Day

I am going to try and blog regularly while here in the hospital.  Perhaps I will even due some catching up?
Anyway, my first day here has gone well.  I got exactly what a mom would want for Valentine's Day:  A break from the kids, no little ones joining me in the bathroom, control of the remote, no cleaning or cooking, and flowers and chocolate!  But, my favorite was this poem from Josh: (we got 6 inches of snow last night, and it was his first night to be solo with the boys).

Happy Valentine's Day today.
How terrible, a half foot of snow!
It is only a flurry compared to the fury
of your childs' and my last night's row.

Tears and screams and crying heard
at increased decibels!
Those sweet little children, I'm sure come
straight from hell!

The basement is clean. The children are too.
I didn't go too berserk.
But still I inquire with little to no ire,
When are you returning to work?

Another sweet moment was my card to Ammon.  It said that I loved him more than chocolate.  Josh asked Ammon about it, stating how much mom LOVES chocolate.  Ammon responded with, "I understand dad because I love Vinny more than chocolate!"
I guess sweet moments like that can make up for Ivan breaking Orlando's elbow last week?!

No changes here at the hospital.  Had the second of two steroid shots for baby lungs and learned a few bed rest exercises from the physical therapist.  Many people helping us with meals and child care, and we are looking forward to John-Davids visit that will calm the schedules and shuffling down.

Love to all,

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Giggles said...

They have bed rest exercises? Imagine that.

I hope you don't get too bored. Boa sorte!