Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Two Weeks

Well, I've made it two weeks!  Every day baby is stronger!  Today we had an ultrasound and he is a good five pounds now, maybe a little more.  He looks great, and seeing him, hearing him, and counting movements has me falling in love with him more and more.
We are going to have the baby during week 36.  Which will probably mean on the 11th or 12th of March.  That means, just two more weeks here in the hospital!  Most babies do well when born at 36 weeks, especially with the steroid shots.  I am so thankful we have made it this far.  I also continue to be grateful for finding this condition.  Without ultrasound, and the color contrast (that is only sometimes done now) this would have been overlooked.
John and Josh and the four boys are holding strong at the house.  Tonight they called and asked me to look out my window-they were stopped and waving from the van on the side of the road.  Today is one of the few days I haven't seen them.  They miss me, and I miss them.
Hoping the days pass quickly.  Still working on a quilt, and will be starting a new book.  I also have the Harry Potter movies and am thinking of doing a marathon with those while I quilt or scrapbook.  Vinny's first year book is complete!  I was thinking though, that I should start new baby's book while I am here, since I already have ultrasound pictures, cards, etc.
If you are reading this you probably have prayed, sent something,visited, made a meal, watched my boys, or just care.  Thanks to all of you!  Our family needs and appreciates your support.

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Your name is in the Oakland well.