Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Room 244, St. Joseph's Hospital

Well, I've got good news and bad news.   The bad news is that I am hospitalized for what will likely be a month.  In two weeks, we do another ultrasound, chances of things changing are small, and we set a due date for around March 11th (should be April 8).  So I'm here for a month, then a C-section and pray for a strong baby.
The good news is Josh is on a lighter rotation for February.  We may get some family coming in about 10 days (Josh's brother followed by his mom-I think, I hope).  Until then, phone calls are already starting for friends and church family willing to help. 

The bad news is there is vasculature directly over my cervix that is holding baby blood.  If anything happens to disturb this we have only a matter of minutes to keep baby alive.  It is a condition called Vasa  Previa.

The good news is I have a history of four births, none of which were early, so it is unlikely my water will suddenly break, or labor will start.   It is also unlikely that the vein would just rupture on its own.

The bad news is I'm stuck here because the "what if" is just too great of a risk, and the good news is he is around 4.5 lbs already.

I had a steroid shot for his lungs, and will get another tomorrow.  We monitor the baby on occasion, and I take it easy. I'm allowed to walk to the shower, but not leave the floor.  I also worry about my kids and my husband-his work and schedule.


Joey Rachel Avery & Ansley said...

Oh Lara, I'm so sorry! Praying for you and a healthy baby!!!

Giggles said...

Prayers headed your direction. Hang in there!

Alisa said...

Holy crap, 5 boys! You are a SAINT, Lara!

Karyn said...

WOw. You are in our prayers. A month of doing little sounds tough! Hang in there!

Abby Bowman said...

Just focus on getting that baby here safely and the hospital stay won't be so tedious. We will be leaving for all of you. :)