Thursday, January 29, 2009


I have had some fun with Challah lately.  These empanadas turned out fabulous and were really fun to make.  I've since also made calazones.  For the calazones I put in my favorite pizza ingredients, for these empanadas I made up a recipe.  Occasionaly I get that brave.  I had some leftover pork, added veggies, hot sauce a heaping spoon full of miracle whip, and a squirt of honey mustard.  They turned out great and the boys like playing with the dough.


Mimi Nowland said...

All of those breads look great. This is my year of bread. Thanks for the links!

Kelly said...

WOW!! Making up recipes...I think that is amazing. There is no way I can cook like that. I'm going to try this one!