Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why is it. . .

That after planning a family night to swim and getting to the gym, we didn't have the swim bag-EVERYONE had wanted to carry? (no swim night after all).

That after making casserole, Lando draws a picture (we have a chalkboard in the kitchen) of a rectangle with a large red X over it and states, "Mom this is your food and the X means, NO! NO! NO!?"

That Ivan threw a plush toy basketball hard enough to break one of my favorite picture frames into 100 pieces?

That for the first time in months I went to paint my nails with my new OPI polish and Ammon spilled it on white clothes? (He was two stories away when I started.)

That when we were driving home the van started smoking on us?

That the newly vacuumed floor was the best place to throw Ritz crackers around?

That Ammon poops in the middle of spinning class?
That my friends kid who I have for a short time poops while here with no diaper on?

That my zipper in my skirt was stuck so badly I barely had time to get my clothes changed for the Temple session?!

That I looked in several mirrors while getting my eyebrows waxed but not until I got home did I notice the spinach between my teeth? (seriously!)

That the two pounds I thought I lost are both back stronger and possibly weighing more than they did just last week? (Yes, the very same two pounds!)

That after being snowy for weeks, the snow melts the day before I actually had plans to go sledding?

That when sending out an invitation (to the entire ward) I forgot to put the date on it!?

That after working to make a beautiful bread wreath for a baby shower Josh is so late getting home that it is cold and not nearly as good? I was almost an hour late. Ugh!

That Ivan is not as well potty-trained this week as last month?

Does anyone know? WHY? Why-why-why? Just thought I'd ask.
We are fine, but these little things are driving me up a wall! Oh and yes, these all happened this last week.


Laura said...

so sorry to have laughed out loud at a couple of these! seriously - is there a full moon? maybe it is "test mom's patience week"?

Giggles said...

Unfortunately, that's just the way things work. At least this week can be fantastically better, right?

Mimi Nowland said...

because a newly vaccuumed floor is a magnet for messes! Thanks for sharing, it helps the rest of us feel normal!

Desiree said...

Wow! That sounds about right. my why is it list gets longer and longer everyday and with each additional kid. mine this week is why is it that you miss one night of family scripture study in like 2 months does your kid announce in primary that we never get to read the scriptures?!?!?! I was in there too. WHY!!!! when you find out let me know.