Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lara's Kale Soup

As requested, here is the recipe:

8 C Water
Generous Chicken Bouillon. I used "Better than Bouillon" from Trader Joe's. It took a heaping T.
8 C fresh Kale
2 Cans of Chopped Tomatoes
2 Cans White Beans ( I used Great Northern-Cannellini or even Kidney would work also.)
1 T Olive Oil
1 Small apple chopped
1/2 medium onion
Heaping TB garlic
Dash of McCormick Garlic Pepper (LOVE this stuff)
1/2 TB of Rosemary
Dash or Parsley
Dash of salt as desired
Sprinkle of generic Italian seasoning.

This recipe is a combination of ideas I got on line. So feel free to use what you have--I will say the apple was truly original and the sweetness it added was awesome!
Okay, first heat your oil and add garlic, chopped onion, and chopped apple, cook until onion is transparent.Then add Kale (chopped small and you might want to remove some of the real stemy parts.) Let this cook on low until the Kale is completely wilted.
In a separate pan make a yummy chicken broth. Take the tomatoes and beans (undrained) and mix them with a blender (if you want a creamier less stew-like soup-if you want more brothy soup, don't do this!). Then add this mix to the chicken broth. Add your seasonings. Add the kale/onion/apple/garlic/ mixture. Simmer until you know all the flavors are mixed and eat warm!! This was fantastic! Even Orlando ate his! This recipe could be cut in half, but I made enough to have some for lunches during the week. It also freezes well.
The only thing to count for W.W. points are the beans
2 pts a can
the tomatoes
1 pt a can
one apple (1 pt)
and the olive oil
2-3 pts.
You get tons of soup, so it is probably .5 pts a cup roughly!! And super healthy! Another idea, you could add noodles, potatoes, or rice if you wanted it more starchy. However, I found it surprisingly more filling than I expected.

What is your latest healthy recipe? Please share!

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Your soup sounds good!