Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Wee" Three Kings

Before you read on...think of the tune to "We Three Kings" it? Okay here is the latest new line....

Wee three kings from not very far, come with bread to offer to y'all!!!

Christmas eve's eve (the 23rd) I lay awake knowing the next day would be tough. Josh would spend the entire day at the hospital and what was I to do with three boys?? Finally, an idea came. I told Josh to wake me up at 5 when he left for work, I had a plan! I got up and made several loaves of bread. They turned out great with my secret Italian ingredients. Then me and the boys took them to friends that live near by. Some of Lando's classmates and the boys soccer buddies and church friends. I think we did about 8 or 9 loaves without driving more than 3 miles! It was great and we could go in the morning when I figured it wouldn't be as imposing as the evening. The boys loved, loved, loved this activity! They decorated their Burger King crowns with Christmas stickers and we put their names on them. They got so in to giving the bread away, that we had to have a specified bread giver for each home. I hope it helped to teach that it truly is better to give than to receive. And maybe, we have found a new tradition!!

Disclaimer; The rest of my Christmas Eve wasn't as picturesque, but that's another story....

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Giggles said...

I need to move closer to you.

That looks like a real fun activity. Good thinking on your part.