Monday, December 22, 2008

Orlando's Story

I asked Orlando about a picture he drew.   Here is what I was told:

I was in a race.  We were racing in a maze. I was going super fast on my fire-car skateboard!  Dad and I we was racing fast around and around and around.  Then a shark was chasing us so we had to go faster and FASTER!
 Smiling SharkSo then BLAST-OFF!!!  
We went to outer space. We went to a planet. (He said the word planet with a lot of feeling something more like "plahnnnehtttt" so super wow, awesome, and cool were all inferred.) 

Me: On your skateboard?

Lando: Ya.  and  then we had to come back and we was going faster and faster and then (deep exhale)  We Won!!

Not too bad for a kid who didn't speak hardly at all until after his 3rd birthday.  I'm so thankful for his progress! I love the story because it has all the elements: a beginning, a middle and an end. I also love it because of the picture he drew--big big spirals and then some fuzzy stuff that I guess is the "blast-off" smoke.  There are a couple of faces in the spiral maze--him and his daddy.  

Too cute.

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