Friday, April 3, 2009

He continues to teach me. . .

Today I took Ivan in for his Neuro check up.  He had an MRI Monday.  I'm so happy to report no signs of cancer at this time and things look good.  Of course, I am always nervous -no matter that statistics for his type of cancer are on our side.  I've also thought a lot about my little Ivan this week.  He teaches me so much.  

Ivan was born with a love of sports.  He played more basketball in our living room by age 2 then most people do in their lives!  So, when his coordination slowed down I knew something was wrong.  Eventually--we got the diagnosis.  A golf ball tumor.  For a few days we didn't know what kind.  We didn't know if he'd be with us or if for how long.  With Josh in medical school, friends tapped into records and did some "searching".  They tried to tell me it should be okay.  I don't think I heard them clearly.  It was too hard to believe anything when something so unbelievable was happening.

Surgery was rough.  And they had to go back in later.  It wasn't surgery itself that caused us so much grief though---it was the effects of surgery.  My little guy couldn't sit up, walk, run, or shoot hoop!

He really worked hard while on the rehab unit for two weeks and progress was made.  Still, I took him home unable to walk without lots of support.  He continued full time therapy for several months.

Ivan wore a helmet to help keep the bumps and bruises to a minimum. (He also sported my sandals occasionally!)

Here is Ivan at age four.  I love this shot because you can clearly see the scrapes and bumps that continue to be part of his life.  In fact, today our doctor said to continue to expect that.   But, what did you see first?  It was the smile wasn't it?  Yes, Ivan continues to teach me.  He has the gift of resiliency.  He will go and go and go.  He will try and try and try.  He will fall.  He will hurt, and he will try again.  Now, of course he's not perfect and I'm not trying to give him sainthood or anything.  He also tries my patience and tries and tries to get out of bedtime!  But, my little Ivan is an example to me.  He helps me go when I don't want to.  He also often says, "it's okay mom-sometimes it doesn't work out"  and then "maybe next time".  I think that is pretty good thinking for such a young kid.  I am thankful to have my Ivan in my life.


Kelly said...

This was a great post! What a strong kid! I'm glad he's doing so well!

Mimi Nowland said...

He has a beautiful smile and a great attitude!

Lisa said...

Wow! Look how far Ivan and you all have come. I remember a lot of that like it was yesterday. I'm so glad he is doing well.