Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Muddy Sunday

I was really enjoying a general conference talk and my boys were  playing fabulously well together.  When I went to check on them I found them...
the fence

We spent lots of time cleaning...obviously.   But if you look above you will notice that my sponge mop was used to paint, so a little tricky to mop the kitchen where they tracked mud. I will need to borrow a power sprayer to get the mud off the fence.  It's been raining all week, but the fence still looks brown.

And above you can see my blue cleaning gloves were used to mix the mud....


Here is Ivan doing some cleaning on the kitchen floor.

Finally, here is Lando cleaning mud off his shoes.



Laura said...

oooh...that's what you get for listening to conference!! but, still very an extremely naughty way. i love the pic of ivan scrubbing the floor!

Giggles said...

You will survive motherhood, and you will love it, and you will laugh.

That's either a prediction or a mantra to be repeated when they do stuff like this. :)

Kelly said...

I know its surely a huge mess but that is really creative!!!!