Friday, April 10, 2009

Money Talk

How do you stay on a budget?  My friend blogged about this and I thought I would too (good idea, Abby!).  

here are mine...
$ I don't go shopping. When money is tight, I simply avoid all malls, restaurants, grocery stores, Wal-mart etc. I don't go for anything. This means cloth washrags instead of paper towels, etc. but we survive!

$ (similar to one)I just don't buy food for a week. We eat what is in the cupboard, freezer and fridge. We've never starved!  Yes, you can go a full week or even longer without spending money!!

$ I really like it saves me tons of time and probably some money too, b/c I'm not going in and out of the store everyday. Plus, we actually like the recipes. I chose the Wal-Mart low fat plan. The food costs around 75 a week and that is for a 4-5 person family. We usually have leftovers, so food budget is 100 a week for five.  For produce Aldi's for sure! 

$ At one point during med skl we were down to 30 a week for groceries. I split powdered milk with whole milk and used powdered eggs. It worked, but I admit, wasn't fun!   

$ Oats and rice instead of boxed cereal.  Turkey in place of beef.

$ I try to make homemade gifts thoughtful, but not pricey. Gifts can really cost us. 

$ Always pay tithes and fast offerings!

$ I also admit to listening to Dave Ramsey.  Tune in for a debt free Friday.  I find it inspirational to hear people scream, "I'm debt free!" and it reminds me of our long term goals.  I agree with the majority of what he says, and like I said, it is a friendly reminder.

Buy used or free, Craigs list, Freecycle, 

okay, that is it for now.
Your turn!


Kelly said...

That was inspirational! I love hearing about how people do this in their families. I'm anxious to check our your recommended emealz website. Also, way to go!!!

Giggles said...

I'm a full-time graduate student who didn't realize how rich I was as a part-time school teacher. :)

My ends are meeting right now, but as a few things have happened lately that will make my ends actually overlap a bit, I've known immediately that it was in part a blessing for having made sure tithing was always at the top of my list of things to pay.

Valerie said...

We love Dave Ramsey! We're on his Total Money Makeover plan right now and loving it.

The Lady of the House said...

Thanks for the advice. I try to homemake everything (for health purposes originally, now it for financial purposes too).

I'll check out the e-mealz.

Mimi Nowland said...

I plan my menu so that I only have to go to the store twice a month. When I stick to that, I spend a lot less money! Plus it helps me stick to my budget and menu plan because that is what I have to eat! I want to check out emealz and Dave Ramsey, thanks!