Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Orlando's Wisdom

Here is some insight to my 5 year old pre-schooler:

Lando: Mom, am I going to be a bus student or a car student next year?

Me:  I don't know.  I have to find out where and when Ivan needs dropped off.  We will see.

Lando:  (Exasperated Sigh)  Just go to www. school.com, then find Kindergarten.  Next, see bus and car.  Find my name!  

Dad:  Lando, what did you learn at school today?

Lando:  We learned about maps.

Dad:  Maps are cool!

Lando:  Ya, my teacher has a map that goes in her car.  She puts her house and then where she wants to go and it tells her.

Me:  A GPS?

Lando:  Ya, a GPS.  Those are cool maps!

Lando:  Mom, huge and humongous rhyme!

Me:  They mean the same thing, but they don't rhyme.  They both mean big.

Lando: Ya.

Me:  Lots of words mean big.  Huge, humongous, large, great, big, enormous.  When words mean the same thing, they are called synonyms.

Lando:  (long pause, wheels turning).   Mom, Synonyms and M&M's rhyme!!!



Charity Brown said...

VERY cute!

Kelly said...

Wow! He is very smart! Also I like your family picture at the top!