Friday, April 3, 2009

Hi, my name is lion.

For those of you who haven't met me my name is Lion.  I am more loved than anyone can imagine because I belong to Orlando.  Lando takes me everywhere.  Here we are at the arch in St. Louis.

Lando also thinks I am beautiful.  He took mom's camera and took this next shot himself.  I've been with Lando since birth, so we are close.  Hey, I'm a great comfort item.  Although, I once was left at a gym for two weeks, like a good cat, I found my way miraculously home!  

I've been with Lando through his ups and downs.  I always went to preschool with him, until he got comfortable there.  I sometimes ride in his backpack for old times sake.   And when Ivan was in the hospital, I was essential to his comfort.  Lando is a sensitive boy who worried about his brother.  He still gets upset about Ivan's scar and Ivan being gone.  I'm still the one he holds.  Gee, I'm good! 

I've ended up in many family photos.  My tail has been chewed nearly off.  And I actually lost my nose on the last road trip.  Luckily Lando's dad knows how to operate, and he put it back on!!  Too bad no one took pictures of that one!  Oh, and Lando was crying when he saw dad put a needle in me--he didn't want me to hurt.  But, he WAS glad that I would get my nose back.

Lando can, like all children, get angry.  This is when I really shine.  No one helps him calm down quicker than me!  It is my specialty.  I know Lando loves me very much.  He has tried to feed me ice cream and cereal.  At one time I even had a place at the table.  He also has taught me to say my own prayers.  He dances with me, turns me in flips, and today I was part of a parachute project.  He cuddles with me every night, and I have my own voice and can answer questions!!  

So what could I want more than Orlando?  Not a thing.  You see, I love him too!


Giggles said...

I have Purple Kitty (he's a monkey that's purple) that I've had since I was 3 (I'm 30 now). He goes everywhere with me (except the mission because I didn't want him getting fleas). I completely understand the love between a lion and his boy.

Trish said...

I love the magic of a beloved toy!

Kelly said...

Darling!! THat is so cute. That's wonderful that Orlando has such a great buddy. What are you going to do if it ever gets lost?? I hope it doesn't!

Trish said...

We have puddles the duck. Those Ty stuffed animals really are built well! When I first saw Lando with Lion at church, I immediately undestood. I love that Max has his special friend that will always be good to him, no judging, no back talking etc. With each kid I try to go pick out the perfect animal for them and so far it has worked!

Mimi Nowland said...

It is amazing how attached they can become, I am glad they have each other.

Lisa said...

This is a cute post! Also, I LOVE your family pics in the slideshow on the side!!!!!!