Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Candy-Land Christmas

Candy-Land Christmas has been in the works for months.  I'm the activities chair in our wonderful Worthington, OH Ward and I have to say I had a BLAST working on this.  I really mean that.  Certain things were stressful, but it all came together so well.  As soon as the idea was formed, it just started falling in place!  
Gingerbread Tree: Gym
Peppermint Forest: RS Room (decorated red and white and where the food was-special thanks to the Gales!  We had pulled pork sandwiches and hot dogs, there was also a pot-luck selection of sides and desserts)
Snow-Flake Lake: Primary Room  
Chocolate Swamp: YW Room
Lolli-pop Woods: North Foyer

Enjoy the pictures!!

Here is Lando on Santa's Lap.  He asked for yet another train.  Ivan was scared of Santa, now he thinks he won't get anything!! I've assured him that I'll talk to Santa!  
This is Snow-Flake Lake.  There were snowflakes all over the walls.  Kids could make snowflakes, do a sticker activity, or play a board game--like Chutes and Ladders or of course, CANDY-LAND!!  Primary leaders decorated this area--great job!
Signs around the building really helped direct traffic and let people know where to go!

Santa did come for a visit in the end.  Our Bishop also gave a short spiritual thought after we sang "Away in a Manger"--and before Santa.  Ammon was nervous, but participated! 
Singing songs and waiting for Santa in the "Gingerbread Tree"
Two of our high-priests as "King Candies".  Josh and I made these sashes with a pocket.  They passed out candy throughout the night.  We had about 10 high-priests participate. It was fun to watch them interact with the kids, and for the kids and adults to realize who had the candy!  I made the peppermints with scraps from the sashes.  The peppermints are also seen in this photo if you look on the wall, and on the floor.
Lolli-pop Woods: This was the north foyer of our building.  Sarah Jackson did an amazing job decorating and several people played the piano or stopped to sing songs in this area.  When you walked in the building, "Christmas was in the air".  Perfect!
So one family in our ward owns this super huge "jumpy-climby" thing.  We borrowed two more from a preschool.  All of these were in the gym along with tracks and trains and cars for kids.  It was the "Gingerbread Tree" area.  It was just a play area and visiting area.  The kids had a blast and I'm so glad no one was hurt besides a bump or two.  We did have signs posted with some clear rules.  They were for the most part obeyed, and I think the lines on the floor helped.  Note: If you need to make a line, or tape anything to the gym floor:  Electrical Tape!! It will not hurt the floor, or the walls!!! We used this on all our signs and the floor, etc.
I wish I had a photo from the chocolate swamp at the beggining of the night.  These were after some of the "prettiness" was gone.  Let me assure you, there were plenty of yummies.  Our youth, especially the Young Women headed this area up.  I think it might have been the favorite with many.  We kept this area for 12 and up to stay and play games, visit.  Young children could come accompanied with an adult, but then were to leave.  This worked well, b/c the youth and others w/out young kids could get away from some noise and enjoy each other's company.  I am happy with how well this event was attended by our youth!

Isn't this awesome!  Reed, Tom, and the Gibby's made this awesome gingerbread tree!  It was also in the gym in front of the piano.  This blocked the piano off, and let everyone know they were in the gingerbread tree area!
The Candy Castle is thanks to Josh, Russell, and Blake.  THEN, the Valentinos painted it and glued candy around windows, etc.  It looked amazing!! It is made of wood, so I'm storing it in my shed for future uses.  The chair actually came from the Elders.  They are teaching someone who just happened to own this chair!
We had signs throughout the building letting you know where to go.  This is gloppy.  He directed the way to the chocolate swamp.  I have to say I am very happy with gloppy, since I do not draw or paint.  Of course, it is a chocolate blob, still I think it looks great!  Orlando also helped me paint.  This is his "King Candy"  I really like it too.  
My family had sooo much fun planning this.  
I'm so happy and thankful it turned out well!


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