Thursday, December 18, 2008

Music 'n Me!

For the last ten weeks we have enjoyed going to a music class.  The class is taught by our friend Valarie Robinson who we  met at church.  She also is a music therapist and  named her first daughter Lara-so she is obviously cool!  What I really enjoy though is her voice.  It doesn't ever get old or annoying.  She plays the guitar and sings a variety of songs we also do fun rhythm chants and play instruments. In addition to that we have "free dance" time. I took the camera last week and thought I'd grab a few pictures.  Above is Ammon-he is just so cute, looks kinda like a fairy or imp to me.

Here's the other two, anything they can bang or make noise with is a win, win situation for raising three boys!

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Mimi Nowland said...

Yeah for music. I loved your family fall picutres. I enjoyed finding aspects of you in each of your boys!