Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sweet Sweet Puffy Lips, the Zoo, and Peppermints

There is one sure way to know if I am upset.  Even when I try to hide it--I puff my lips out.  I remember my sister, dad, mom, anyone saying, "go look in the mirror, you are upset, your lips are giving it away!"  I guess it is true, though I still try to deny it.  Still, looking at this picture of Ammon--made me laugh!  He was upset over getting his hair trimmed.  

Of course, I haven't cut it much, just trimmed it.  Afterall, my lips might puff if I were to see it all gone.

This is my husband.  He is either 
a. an animal lover 
b.  a surfer 
c. a doctor
Which seems most believable? 

I had to include this one of Katie and Ivan.  We were glad to have some company over Thanksgiving and we enjoyed seeing the Christmas lights at the Columbus Zoo.  They are absolutley fantastic.  But, our pictures of those don't look so great.  This one was endearing. 

These last two pictures are more from preparing for Candy-Land Christmas.  See the sash Josh is modelling.  We made 11 of those for the "king candies".  Then with scraps I made the peppermints.  These were original ideas.  Unlike most of my ideas which are stolen from friends and the internet world, these just came from my little mind.  So while they are not the coolest thing you've ever seen, I'm quite happy to see an idea bare fruit.  I mean bare peppermints. 

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