Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Monday's News

(Stephen Blaylock pictured above.)
Monday my sister, Sara, called.  As soon as I said, "Hi.  What's up?"  She was in tears.  She then told me that her brother in law had been killed that morning on his way to work.  He was driving in his lane, someone crossed over and hit him head-on.  He left his wife, Laura, and their five children.  I have met this family a few times, but obviously don't have the relationship my sister does with them.  Still, news of this kind is hard to swallow.  The irony was that their oldest son turned 16 on Monday as well.  You can imagine (or at least try) the extra painfulness that brings.  They youngest child is five.  I have cried several times on their behalf and I think human nature leads most people through a series of thoughts.
1. why
2. how, again?
3. No.
4. why
5. how again exactly?
6. no
7. I'm so glad it wasn't my spouse,parent,child,etc
8. survival guilt for having above thought(s)
9. help, help, help!!  Is there anything, anything I can do?

So, as I went through this I really wanted to do something.  I offered some money and a card, but I wanted to be there, to make food, clean their house, something.  So I prayed.  I then got the sweetest feeling that things were being taken care of.  And good thing since I'm in Ohio and they are in Texas, so not very plausable for me to be there.  

I talked again to Sara that night.  Here is what she shared:
They could hardly get the refrigerator closed it was busting with food.  Relief Society sisters had been scrubbing the house clean.  2 Buckets of chicken, 5 Pizzas were still out.  Large container of tea (who cares we don't drink it?  it's the thought that makes me teary eyed).  Toilet paper, toothpaste, more food, etc etc etc.  As she shared this with me I remembered the peace I had felt earlier and it made me so thankful. Thankful for good people everywhere.  People that love and serve that are members of my faith (the R.S. sisters) and those not (iced-tea).  I love them all.  I'll continue to pray for this extended family member, and if you are inclined, please join me.  The funeral is tomorrow.

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Charity Brown said...

I'm sorry to hear for the loss. God bless.