Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Stories Behind my Nativities

I wanted to share some Nativities with you.  I love nativities.  I would have one from each and every country and state if I could.  I love the endless varieties that they come in.  But most of all, they represent one of the most profound stories ever told.  And one that I believe.  Our Savior was born on this earth!!!  

Sorry, the pictures don't do justice.  This one was made by my great great grandma.  (only part is shown here)Laudie Lorraine Bachelor.  She did ceramics and was pretty good at it as you can see.  This is the first year I've had this one to display.  My mom gave it to me when we moved to Ohio.  She was pretty attatched to it, but wanted me to take it as an heirloom.  I love it!!  Always have.  I can remember postioning all of the statues just right, walking by and changing them again.  I just can't say how much this classic white Nativity means to me.
This Nativity was given to me when I was a Spanish teacher.  I taught Elementary Spanish (which is good 'cause that is as good as yo hablo.)  Anyway, it was a gift from my secret-santa that year.  It is from Mexico.  Isn't it cool?  I especially love the red lips on the cow.  

This one probably never will make it to heirloom stage.  Each year I seem to throw more and more pieces out as they break.  Josh and I made it with friends our first year in Little Rock.  I like it because we made it and well, that is enough reason.  

This nativity was cut out by my mom-in-law, Kathryn.  She had it for years and never painted it, so she finally just gave it to me.  I loved it!  Seth (my brother) was living with us at the time, so we painted it together.  He did Joseph's robe in that bold plaid.  I didn't have the nerve, but he could see it.  It looks fabulous. 

Finally, this last one is from Brazil.  Oh, I love Brazil!  Just can't get over that place.  Anyway, this was a gift given to me on my mission.  It is so simple in this little gord, but I adore it.  

I'm glad I wrote this out.  In my opinion the "write" perspective on Christmas decorations should be: 1. something you have from family 2. Something from friends/experiences or 3. If that isn't an option make it so.  I was thinking of buying a cheap Nativity and just letting the boys paint the shepherds wise-men, animals, etc.  Then I could put their names on the bottom and they could be responsible each year for deciding where that shepherd, sheep, etc stands.  

As much as I appreciate and enjoy the Martha Stewart or Better Homes and Gardens Ideas and beauty-it just isn't Christmas if it doesn't have a story behind it.  After all, the story behind Christmas is the very BEST story of all!! 

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Kelly said...

I love all your nativities! We just went to temple square to see the lights and there are nativities all over from other countries. It made me want to collect them as well. Its neat you have so many!