Wednesday, December 9, 2009

¡Feliz Navidad!

I have enjoyed planning the parties for the ward over the last year or so. This Christmas Party was fantastic due to all of the wonderful people in the ward pitching in. When lots of people do small things, great things happen!! I really believe it!The theme was ¡Feliz Navidad! And we went kinda crazy with it. We had a Mariachi band greet you as you came in the foyer (high priests). We had wonderful Mexican food (activities committee-go SARA!! I helped roll around 80 tamales-but her and her husband made a total 0f 200 homemade tamales!). We also had a burrito bar (think Chipotle) and taquitos, chips, and salsa (yay Janine and Megan!) We ate first and then you could:
go to the cookie buffet and get cookies and hot cocoa with fun, hand dipped marshmallows and other delicious add-ins. The karaoke was also in this room, where you had to be 12 to stay and linger. (The RS did this room!)
For the kids, there was face painting, balloon artists, many games and crafts (way to go primary!!)For kids of all ages, we busted I think 6 or 7 piñatas (thanks, young men!)
Santa, or papa noel, was there.(thanks, uh..Santa)
We had spots for pictures, we did a "posada" which a procession following Mary and Joseph symbolic of the trek they took looking for room in an inn. This was followed briefly with some Music (yay Choir) and our 3 Kings (bishopric) giving us a testimony of Jesus Christ.I'm sure I'm leaving something out-it was a great evening for everyone I hope. The missionaries even managed to string lights to look like a coyote and cactus! Fantastic!We decorated with poinsettias and luminaries since the are Mexican traditions for this time of year, and I think the whole thing just turned out fabulous!
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Valerie said...

Loved it! You did such a good job! Everything was wonderful, no line for Santa, lots of good food and goodies. I'll miss your activities.

Mimi Nowland said...

Oh man that sounds good! A burrito bar?! I would be a little sad to leave a ward like that too...