Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mom, I can't walk.

Not exactly what you want to hear first thing in the morning. I had no idea what was going on with Ivan. (Of course it was Ivan-it is ALWAYS Ivan when it comes to medical problems).
Leg pain, knee pain, couldn't walk
fever.recent illness. injury.swelling.redness. bone protrusion. etc.

What the heck?

I worried all day, finally took him to urgent care since the pediatrician couldn't do an x-ray anyway. (and though a little hysterical inside thinking that maybe that cancer did get away and show up in his bone somehow....) I actually held it together pretty well.

Turns out, I guess he has a viral infection in his hip, that is sending referred pain to the knee. It should clear up on its own over the next several days.
If not, we will worry again.
For now, all is well.

ps a hundred thank you's to Jimett for watching my other two boys tonight!


Elisa said...

I gave eric the symptoms and tried to see if he could arrive at the same conclusions the docs did. He was pretty interested in the case. How is Ivan doing now?

Giggles said...

Oh that sounds scary. I hope everything clears up real soon for you.

Jen said...

I am sorry Lara... I hope everything turns out for the best.

Mark and Lisa said...

I am so glad he is walking now! Scary.

Trish said...

You can always call to drop off your boys. My boys would love it. I hope he is ok too.

Alisa said...

Oh Lara, I didn't know. I read this post and was confused so I looked at past posts and I had no idea. It may all be just on computer but what I see is a woman who truly believes in her son and in blessings coming in different forms. The later is hard for me to see sometimes. Thank you for reminding me of that.
....and I hope to meet your little family someday too!