Sunday, December 6, 2009

Josh is 31!!

Josh had his 31st birthday on a very busy day, so we celebrated on the Tuesday night before. The kids picked out some gifts. A new remote control (universal) since they had lost the DVD remote, and some playing cards ('cause we're evil and we actually play face cards wahahah!). So, Josh did a few majic tricks and everyone loved the cake. We also had Taco Bell-so this was quite the party!! I did surprise him on Saturday and instead of going grocery shopping (like he thought) I went and got him some new ties. He seemed to genuinley like them and that made me happy. He is hard to buy for. He has needed some new ties though, and they were fun-I found them at antique store and even an original Lazurus.
PS. The cake was delicious and Orlando carefully placed the candles to represent the 3 and the 1 in 31.

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Giggles said...

Happy Birthday!!

The cake looks great. And we're one of those evil families that plays with face cards too. I'll have to keep the Taco Bell thing in mind.

Sara said...

Glad the birthday went well...despite the ward party. :)