Friday, December 18, 2009

A Low-Key Christmas

It is a week before Christmas, and everything is just fine. My sewing machine is broken so no stress there of trying to make cute anythings. I'm not eating sugar so no stress as to making treats, I just buy them if I need to. The presents were bought on line so no stress there. The kids are big enough not to be tearing down the tree or eating ornaments, so no stress there. I'm in charge of bringing marshmallows for Orlando's party-very low stress.
no calling right now cause I'm in a new ward.
no family around to have the privilege of dealing with. AND both sides agreed this year to not do gifts due to other expenses (like weddings and travel).
Not doing cards for the world this year, only our older friends who don't keep in touch in other ways-so like 10 instead of our usual 75!
I'm not really sure this feels like Christmas.
I need to wrap some gifts and make a dinner on Christmas Eve.
We've done some crafts and we're counting down the days. We've sung Christmas songs and talked about the meaning of Christmas. I've also been e-mailing Santa (wink, wink).
So, I think this may end up being the best Christmas ever!!


Elisa said...

sounds very low key indeed. Glad you're enjoying it!

Wendy said...

Low key is the best!

Alisa said...

Good for you! Someone is finally getting the message about the "real" meaning of Christmas! I'm not judging them really is so easy to get caught up in all the stuff that the Christmas season provides....