Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mormons are weird.

Yes, this is true for many reasons. We don't drink or smoke or have premarital sex. We also don't church hop. Or Church shop. When you move some where, you are in a ward or congregation based solely on your address. The building may be down the road or miles away, but that is where you go. When the congregations get large, they split and make new wards. This keeps people in the same neighborhoods able to serve each other and it keeps congregations small enough everyone should be involved and not just lost in the crowd.
So, it has happened here in Ohio. My ward when moving here was the Worthington Ward. Now, members of this ward have been sent to help make a new ward-the Lewis Center Ward, and a few of us (5 families) have been sent to the Powell Ward. This means I will be starting over with friends and responsibilities.
I'm a little nervous to be honest.
I liked my ward! It took me several months to say that-but that is just how it is, you have to get to know people to really love and like them. And I might add, our activities rocked!
Well, the good news is I haven't moved so I can still see my old friends from time to time, but the truth is that weekly contact makes a huge difference.
We'll see how it goes.
Oh ya, Mormons are also weird in that they believe the Church to be true, and its leaders to be inspired! So, we all stood and supported the changes by voting-and we will all be in our new wards on Sunday.
p.s. I love being a Mormon, even if we are weird!


Giggles said...

This summer they left my ward intact but moved us to a different stake. That was interesting to be a part of. They did a lot of shuffling around and in the end we added a whole new stake here in Tucson.

I'm starting over in a brand new ward right now and I'm struggling a bit with who I want to be and what I want this new group of people to know about me. We'll find our place here though and it will be great.

Trish said...

We are going to miss you terribly. I can't even think about it. And yes the activities were incredible. Not only is your family wonderful, but your husband was my SURGEON!! You guys are great.

Jill said...

I agree, Mormoms are weird! But man, they're pretty awesome! I love being able to go anywhere and almost instantly trust the people you're around. The Church is the same everywhere. Same principles, same organization. I love it. The Church is true. It's awesome knowing that.

(It's the most comforting feeling when you're in another country which speaks a totally different language - and you recognize the same teachings through song. That's awesome.)